Union Missouri Home Prep

We were asked by a Franklin County homeowner to help prepare a 3-bedroom home for upcoming sale. Our company took 2 full days to prepare the homes interior and then 5 days to complete the full interior painting finish. Afterwards we spent 1 day power washing and preparing the front porch and deck with another 2 days refinishing the porch, exterior rails and then rear deck of the home.


Cher Wuertz

Our Task


Prepare full interior for painting (walls, ceiling). Paint Walls and Ceiling. Prepare all exterior porches and decks. Re-stain porches, rails and deck.

Skills Involved


        • Drywall repair
        • Deteriorating Paint Removal (Interior), Deteriorating Deck Stain (Exterior)
        • Supreme Surface Preparation and Restoration
        • High Quality Painting & Staining