Why choose?

Residential Painting

We provide a stunning transformation for your home’s interior. Our crew works hard at treating you like family and your home like theirs. The products we use to prep, paint and touch-up are the best money can afford.

Commercial Painting

Pro Precision Painting provides a full set of commercial painting options, which often times, allow you to continue working uninterrupted. Our goal is to keep you on track and profitable as possible.

Epoxy floor systems

Our services include the professional application of epoxy based floor systems for commercial use – as well as – the personal application for covered patios and garage systems.

Concrete Sealing, Staining & More

It’s not just painting St. Louis we love, if you have a driveway, walkway or patio needing sealing and resurface work, we’re ready. Our crew is well experienced in determining the best methods to protect your worthwhile investment.

Wallpaper removal & drywall repair

Have some old fashioned felt wallpaper that needs removal and you’re questioning how to do it without destroying the walls in the background? Never fear, Pro Precision Painting is here. We have the know how and patience to properly remove wallpaper and repair all sorts of drywall issues.

Wood Floor refinishing

Have an old floor that needs a little TLC, or maybe even major repair? Either way we have the knowledge and wisdom to access, plan and execute the right approach to repairing your wood floor with stain, paints or epoxy products.

Brick, iron and metal work

Working with brick and metal takes special skills. Our years of experience in these areas will help you restore an investment vital to your happiness.

Kitchens, cabinetry and more

As a general contractor or quality sub we have done much kitchen and cabinetry work and are ready to help you with your needs.

Finished & unfinished basement painting

These photographs compliment the work we recently finished on a construction project where the walls and speciality imported wood were left unfinished for us to paint and to stain.

Power Washing

Pro Precision Painting is qualified to perform many power washing responsibilities, those include: Home Siding (wood or vinyl), Doors, Entry Ways & Windows, Garage Floors, Gutters & Awnings, Decks, Patios & Fences, Parking Areas, Driveways & Sidewalks, Swimming Pools, Signs, Statues & More

The Core Values We Deliver

  • Honesty

    At the end of each day, when all work is done, all we have is our word. At Pro Precision Painting we value truth and honesty over profit, downtime and shortcuts.

  • Faithfullness

    After Honesty we have a deep desire, a profound conviction that no matter what comes our way – we do what’s right.

  • Fun

    It’s easy to take yourself too seriously when it comes to business. When you’re not looking, count on us to have countless hours of fun developing great relationships with one another as a team.

  • Perseverance

    Simply put, we’re not quitters. We don’t quit one another and we won’t quit you.

  • Giving

    We know where our daily bread comes from. In response to all that we’ve been given, we give back as our spiritual act of worship.