Dardenne Prairie Painting Services

BEFORE-1When it comes to the interior work on your home, painting, can become the one project that transforms your home’s interior for the right amount of time and money. Should you be hiring a painting contractor for Dardenne Prairie painting services here are six pointers for a successful job:

1. Seek out any lead paint. Should your home be built before 1978 it’s important to find a qualified lead expert to verify it’s ok before you begin painting or other work. There may be lead paint where you least suspect it.

2. Prep your home for painting. A great painting job is 80% preparation and 20% application. If you prepare correctly your paint will rise to the occasion. Prepare for the wrong, or overlook preparation, and at best the paint cracks, peels, and chips away. You may need to consider a few repairs before a painting project begins. Walls need cleaning, kitchens and bathrooms too as the are usually the trouble spots, yet can be managed with proper counsel. Anything that can affect a paint’s adhesion, look into it.

3. A professional spells it out. All painting contracts should share what’s to be done (in detail) and what products will be used. A company providing Ballwin painting services would do well to include the type and amount of surface prep, priming as well as type of primer, and the brand of paint they recommend. Be sure they indicate how many coats of paint will be included with your project.

4. Seek hidden costs. Furniture management and room arrangement may not be included in your estimate. If you have the ability, ask if there’s any extra charges. As well, painting crown molding, baseboards and walls or ceilings higher than the average of 8 feet can also add costs to your project.

5. Enjoy picking a paint color. Visualize your plan for each room. Remember, darker color schemes make rooms appear smaller, lighter color schemes open up spaces. Be sure to “Taste-Test” your color scheme by purchasing quart-sized cans (maybe smaller) of the paint in of your color scheme. Go ahead and paint a small swath of a key wall and watch the color transform during the day. This will help make sure so you don’t get pinned with a color scheme that only looks the moment you bought it.

Manchester Painting Services6. Bring it home with a finish! As a home owner, your walls may have seen some action (children, parties, get-togethers, etc.) As such you may consider a flat paint. Remember flat paints are harder to clean. As paint progresses an eggshell finish paint has little shine/gloss and is also good for walls. It holds up better than a flat paint with cleaning. A general painting rule is the higher the sheen, the better the clean!