The most frequently asked questions of Pro Precision Painting about St. Louis Painting.

Yes. Pro Precision Painting is an insured business. We also provide means for workman’s comp, should that ever be necessary.

Pro Precision Painting is lead certified through the Environmental Protection Agency.

We have list of references which you may download through contacting us. You may request our reference list HERE.

Pro Precision Painting stands behind all of the work we provide. With your written estimate you will receive a limited 60-month warranty.

We do give provide detailed estimates. We can customize it to your specific needs. If you would like an estimate with detailed line items, we are happy to oblige.

Scheduling work can be exciting. That being said, we take the scheduling of your project seriously. Therefore, any/all work to be performed by Pro Precision Painting will not be entered to our production calendar without our 50% down payment for scheduling, purchase of materials and allocating of exact painting team.

In all our years of painting we have not given a single refund (which we believe says a great deal about our work). However, should there arise a need to provide a refund we are more than willing to set an appointment to discuss amicable terms for both parties.

We have the following provisions to our refund policy:

    1. There is a 10% cancellation fee for all cancelled contracts in advance of scheduled work.
    1. Should product have been purchased on your behalf, a receipt/s will be provided. Should there be tinted paint, please know, tinted paint is 100% no-refundable. If there are other items (Tape, drywall mud, etc.) that have been purchased as with the paint we can physically provide you the product.
    1. Upon receipt of written request for a refund, Pro Precision Painting will financially refund the difference (less items #1 and #2) thirty (30) days from received request.

Our written estimate, with outlined details is as close to a contract as we come. Sometimes a typed and emailed bid for work will be necessary. In either case you have ample time to review both. All pricing, terms and conditions outlined in our estimate are good for 30 days after submission.

We do not require a down payment for contract estimates less than $5,000. Any job contract estimate that is more than $5,000 we require a 50% down payment with the balance to be paid in full on final walk through.

We have come to rely on Porter PPG paints and Sherwin Williams paints. They are the most popular and quality paints in our market place. However, we have used other brands and we are willing to use a customers preferred paint when necessary.

Our goal is always to do the best job and convert our customers into raving fans. If there is a product you would prefer to use or there is a certain type of paint such a low VOC (environment paint) simply let us know and we’re confident we can make it happen.

You’re the customer, as such, we follow your lead. There has not been a request made of us that has ever been unreasonable. Per our bid and estimate we will outline the exact work you want finished. Should you have changes to the work as it progresses we will give a written change order and seek your written approval before proceeding further.

Before starting your work we always discuss timeframe for your work to be completed. There are occasions however when some work may take a little longer than expected. Should an unforeseen event occur we will make you aware of the situation immediately and discuss back up plan should our work be time sensitive.

At Pro Precision Painting when we finish your work we do a complete company walk-through with you as our customer to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our work. We take pride thoroughly cleaning the areas we work in, so there is never a workman’s mess for you to clean up. If we have missed something or an issue has come up from us overlooking something, let us know. We always stand behind our work with pride.

We will treat your home and properties as we would treat our own, carefully and respectfully. Should you have a concern about a fragile items, pets, etc, please let us know in advance so we can take the proper provisions needed to protect what is dear to you.

When starting the job we discuss a few things with you as our customer. One thing we designate is a spot or location where we can keep our tools and equipment. Together we decide on an area to protect your children, property or pets, as well as be out of the way of daily living. Simply because you’re getting your house painted doesn’t mean you have to live in chaos! Our goal is to make it as easy and comfortable for you and your family as possible – which includes a clean up and vacuum at the end of every day!

We have several Pro Precision Painting full-time employees of our own for regular monthly work. Yet, we do hire some subcontractors especially if there is a time sensitive job, or a project so large in scope, it requires additional staffing. The subcontracted workers we hire are a part of our team as they have proven to be up to our standards as people and painters. They are also covered by our Workens Comp Policy.

As a result of our reputation, professional ethics and sheer volume of product our relationship with Porter Paints and Sherwin Williams delivers better pricing to us – which we forward to you. We provide the highest quality paint and are happy to pass the savings onto our customers. Secondly, the experienced and quality labor force we employ more than makes up for lost production in the field.

Pro Precision Paintings founder Kyle McClaskey is the company certified expert on lead paint. Should you have any questions, you may contact Kyle directly HERE.

Painting is a craft we take seriously. We purpose ourselves to train and lead a very knowledgeable crew. The team we have assembled is eager to answer any questions you might have. Whether it’s a question about products, color, sheen or how long you need to wait before putting pictures back on your newly painted walls, always, feel free to ask.

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