Des Peres Painting Services

Des Peres Painting ServicesAs a home owner, your time is precious. Hiring a professional painter for your next project might be a great idea.

By finding a professional painting contractor you can eliminate stress from you painting your very own home. However, finding the right company to provide Des Peres Painting Services is a decision helped by careful consideration.

Here are some helpful tips to find a great professional painting contractor:

Word of Mouth Works:
A great way to find a quality painting contractor is seeking referrals from your friends, neighbors, and people you know who have experienced great results with painting contractors. Quality painting companies like Sherwin Williams and Porter Paints can also provide referrals.

Seek Multiple Estimates:
When a painting contractor provides an estimate, many should come together within the same financial range. Should your estimates differ greatly, ask the painting contractor what’s not being covered or where measures are being cut.

Interview Contractors:
Make sure to ask the following questions:
• How long has your company been in business?
• Does your company have the proper and or required licenses?
• Is your company properly insurance and bonded?
• Does your company subcontract its work or perform it themselves?
• May I have references?
• What written guarantees do you provide with your work?
• What products will you use?

Details, Details, Details:
When you interview painting contractors and showing them around the areas (indoor or outdoor) of your project, pay attention to any details of the project that could affect its price. Provide thorough details about what surfaces you want painted (walls, trims, moldings, ceilings, etc.) as well the paint colors and finishes you want to see being used.

Keep a Close Eye:
While meeting each painting contractor watch for the following:
• Does this contractor provide you with a sense of professionalism and genuine experience?
• How courteous and business-like are they?
• Doe this contractor appear busy? (Good ones usually are in high demand.)
• Do the contractors you’re screening return phone calls and provide estimates promptly?
• Are they on time for appointments?

Source References:
A great painting contractor will provide a minimum of three references from past customers whom you may speak with directly. If it is ever possible, you might visit a references home and evaluate the work in person and see how well it’s stood against the test of time.

Review Your Contract
Once you’ve narrowed down your painting contractor, ask for a written proposal/contract and go through it carefully. As a home owner, it’s your responsibility to ask particular questions about your specific project and open up what’s not clear. Cover these items:
• What exactly is being painted with our project (spell it out – house, trim, walls, molding, etc.)
• What is the plan for preparation and cleanup
• Outline paint colors for each area to be painted of your home
• How the contractor will protect all aspects of the property. Identify ‘hotspots’ which may require special attention
• What is the estimated time the project, start to finish
• How should the contractor be paid

Accomplish these tasks, and you’re headed towards hiring a great painting contractor for Des Peres Painting Services. As well as, you’re onto enjoying a newly painted project, ready for the next!