Meet Jim!

Spotlight:  Pro Precision Painting Frontman Jim Venturella

Our own Jim Venturella (aka Jimmy) has been painting professionally for more than 30 years. He has the hands of an artist. So today, he proudly get’s the spotlight at Pro Precision Painting.

QUESTION: Jimmy, What do you like about painting most?

JIMMY: I think what I like most about painting is the freedom it gives me professionally. So many people have demands put on them they can’t ever reach that they have a frustrating career. Not me. I found something I excel at and every day is fun for me.

QUESTION: Interesting. What does that freedom in the workplace provide you?

JIMMY: The chance to do my job in a way that fits me personally. It’s true, we have professional standards to meet, yet, my freedom to do as I see fit means I am going to go further than most homeowners expect. I expect quality, not perfection, but rather quality I’d want in my home.

QUESTION: What’s your favorite project we have done at Pro Precision Painting?

JIMMY: Without a doubt the home at 430 Clay in Ferguson; the Murphy’s.

QUESTION: What makes you say that?

JIMMY: The house was built in 1905 and a good majority of it had the same wood it was built with on the porch, columns, wood lap siding and more. For me, it’s a painters dream. We live for projects like this. A real chance to come through and take personal pride with.

QUESTION: How did the project challenge you?

JIMMY: The years of painting that house again and again. Some paint was oil based, some water based, we had bad wood, deteriorating surfaces – and – the owner wanted to keep the home as close to original construction as possible.

QUESTION: Were you able to do so?

JIMMY: Absolutely. With Kyle and Kurt it took a great deal of planning, research and working with our paint manufacturers. Yet we did it and if I am not mistaken, soon after we were finished the home won a Top Ten Beautiful Homes of St. Louis Award from St. Louis Magazine. That’s what I live for.