A young family contacted Pro Precision Painting to provide a complete makeover to a home they purchased in dire need of rescuing.


South of St. Louis in Pevely, Missouri a quaint little home was slowly being destroyed by large dogs using the home as their indoor potty. Their precious owner was failing in their health and over time the upkeep of the home, the dogs and life became too much.

We were tasked with removing over 1200 sq ft of Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring, all wooden trim, eliminate the odor of animal urine and more, clean/remove any all evidence of fly droppings and bug life and prepare this home for a young family and their children to move in.

Pevely Family


Remove Damaged Floors, rebuild hardwood floors, eliminate urine and fences odor to entire home, prime and paint 100% of applicable surfaces, reinstall drop ceiling, build two closets, zone sections of home to use ozone machine for odors, rebuild garage, salvage back patio and return to better than built condition, build new stairs, repair all drywall, eliminate bug feces on all walls of home, finally paint home an amazing 9 sets of different colors.


  • Hardwood Floor Removal
  • Hardwood Floor Installation
  • Odor Removal
  • Light Construction
  • Priming
  • Painting
  • Scheduling
  • Budgeting
  • Color Consulting


The first area we tackled in returning this home to better than built condition was to remove the 1200 sq ft of previously installed Brazillian Cherry wood floor. The floor had been deeply damaged by two 100+ pound dogs who were using the home as their personal potty for years.

Once the sub floor had time to naturally dehydrate we sealed the area with two quality coatings of Sherwin Williams Oil Based Pro Block as a means to lock into the wood any lingering odors and stall the degradation process altogether.

Doing so we eliminated odors, eliminated contamination and provided an ideal base with which to install 4 inch white oak plank and give the home a natural look.

Once the preparation was finished our team began laying out 4 inch planks of white oak flooring product.

After being delivered to the home and acclimating to the environment for several days the character of each board played an integral part in bring this home a new look, outside of eliminating the pet damage.

Before final paint touch ups we came back and sanded the floor to a beautiful uniform finish and then sealed the floor with natural stain sealer and topcoats of clear waterbed urethane to lock in the natural colors of the white oak and protect the floor for years to come.

Walls, Ceiling Trim and Doors Preparation

A painful side effect to the years worth of the animal age to this home was the added side effect of bugs and critters attracted to the target rich environment.

They left thousands of reminders of their visits and evidence that had to be addressed with every single horizontal and vertical surface.

To combat the issue each stain they left we initially sprayed or rolled Sherwin Williams Pro Block Oil Primer. Second we then rolled all walls and Ceilings with a second coating of Sherwin Williams Pro Block Oil Primer before an additional two coatings of quality acrylic latex paint, also from Sherwin Williams.

In turn we eliminated the stain, possible contamination and beautified every wall and ceiling in the process.

Once the home had all the flooring replaced, walls, trim and ceiling primed with oil based stain it was time to do what we do best.

What we do best is “Paint the World a Better Place” and bring beauty from ashes.

A home so dilapidated like this was a home where we could shine through with our best painting skills and expertise. Consulting with the homeowner and her continually evolving color scheme, delivering the right product from Sherwin Williams and more made this project go swimmingly as we brushed and rolled 100% of vertical and horizontal surfaces (other than the floor!)

Voila! We did it!

No odors, new floors, new construction and a paint job warrantied for 5 years!