Dapron Cabinets

Home owners Jon and McKenzie Dapron embarked on a significant interior home remodel. As a couple they requested Pro Precision Painting to refinish their existing cabinets. After a color consultation with Pro Precision Painting’s owner Kurt Ramspott McKenzie chose a water based enamel from Sherwin Williams (color: Creamy) to match one of the colors drawn from her granite countertops. The end product was flawless!


Jon & McKenzie Dapron

Our Task


Disassemble, sand, prep, prime and enamel finish and install new hardware to a full set of kitchen cabinets

Skills Involved


  • Accurate disassembly
  • Glass removal and reinstallation
  • Mechanical removal of all coatings
  • Priming
  • Enamel Finishing
  • Installation and alignment