It was an appointment we couldn’t believe. Kurt and Stephanie of Pro Precision Painting viewed a home this winter for Jared Bodine. He is an out of town client soon moving the area. To their amazement the 5 year old home he purchased had serious issues.


Transplanting from Colorado to St. Louis Jared reached out through the internet for Pro Precision Painting to review a property he’d just purchased. Kurt and Stephanie came away slack-jawed after their review. Every wall was painted incorrectly. Multiple sheens and multiple products were used and every room suffered deep inconsistencies to quality and product selection.

Though it took a tremendous amount of preparation, in the end, as a company we returned every single wall, ceiling and and piece of trim to the quality they should have been after the homes original construction.

Jared Bodine


Repair 100% of previously painted surfaces from 2019 and the homes original construction and restore with a fully professional painting of the home.

  • Foresight
  • Repairs
  • Product Selection
  • Appropriate Application
  • Touch Up and Final Touches


Surprisingly this home was built in 2019. We do not know if a company and or the original purchaser painted the interior.

What we can say is this: it was not professionally painted.

Hence, every wall was reformatted, every ceiling panel was redone, 100% of all unfilled nail holes on trim were filled, sanded and painted properly, all trim was properly caulked and top-coated, in the end every surface in the home needing paint was repaired and returned to what should have been original quality upon the homes original construction.

Our preparation consisted of:

  • Sanding and mudding walls that should have never been painted.
  • Sanding and mudding where previous painted let paint sag as thick as syrup!
  • Re-cutting and making every ceiling to wall line straight and narrow.
  • Re-cutting and making door jam and entry way precise and crisp.
  • Caulking every portion of trim and door jams (there was none).
  • Puttying every nail hole in trim and making trim few flawlessly with all walls.
  • Repaired up to 25% of drywall seams in all ceilings.
  • Professionally painting 100% of all previously painted surfaces.

Once the home had finished all of our preparation it was time to paint!

Here is what we applied to restore this home’s well deserved beauty:

  1. Ceilings – Sherwin Williams Acrylic Latex  Interior Paint – CHB – Sheen: flat – Color – White
  2. Walls – Sherwin Williams Acrylic Latex Interior Paint – Duration – Sheen: matte – Color – Light French Gray SW0055
  3. Trim – Sherwin William Acrylic Enamel Interior Paint – ProClassic – Sheen: Semi-gloss Color – White