Walker Residence

Homeowners Susan and Gary Walker contacted Pro Precision Painting in the fall of 2023 regarding the construction of their new home. They had developed a great relationship with a general contractor for building their home, however, they needed a quality painter.

Working with Susan Pro Precision Painting owner Kurt Ramspott assisted her in a color-balanced strategy that brought to home a vibrance and a feel to each area a person could be part of.  Together, they selected a palette that gave the home energy, spirit, and strength.

Susan and Gary Walker


Assist with color selection, plan with H.O. and G.C., execute preparation, and final top coats and finishing.


  • Color selection
  • Cleaning
  • Preparation
  • Application
  • Final Coatings
  • Cleanup


With the drywall work finally finished our team moved in and protected the newly installed floors, limited cabinets, windows, and more to quality prime all new ceiling and wall drywall.

We then applied Sherwin Williams drywall primer to all walls and ceilings while constantly checking to ensure surfaces were evenly covered and lines were crisp.

Once priming was complete our team moved in to paint ceilings, walls, doors, and trim to the exact standards Susan had asked for.

When we rolled up the floor paper and took down what little tape and plastic we had remaining, we were blown away by Susan’s creativity and passion for a uniquely styled home.