We Work Together

Pro Precision Painting 2It’s been a long time coming.

We. Are. Finally. Working. Together.

After 30 years of marriage, 10 children and 3 grandchildren both Heidi and I have found a way to strengthen the purpose of our marriage, the vision for our family and the mission of our lives.

For years, as the husband, with Heidi as the director of operations at the Ramspott Human Development Agency (tongue in cheek) running our home and homeschool full time my role was to be sole bread winner. The fruit of my work had at times provided greatly for us to allow Heidi to work full-time as a home mother and home school director to ten wonderful children.

Sometimes the landscape changes though.

A little over 5 years ago Heidi began baking on the side for extra cash and to do something to express her amazingly creative gifts.

Weekly, friends would buy bread, pita’s cinnamon rolls and more. with each sale someone saying, “You ought to go in business for yourself”. After much prayer she did open her own business. She opened Break Bread With Me, a bakery she can run from the home  while achieving her other goals as the mother of a large family and administrator to our home school.

It is daily an exciting ride! For the past 3 years she has doubled her business. No advertising. No marketing. Just pure word of mouth. Heidi amazes me and everyone she knows.

As for me, I’ve been a personal friend and mentor to Kyle McKlaskey the founder of Pro Precision Painting since early 2013. When he decided to put up his brush and take a different career path I asked if I could take the helm.

For years I helped Kyle develop his professional standards, his pipeline, his marketing and finally the product he delivered – so – picking up where he left off is proving to be a smooth transition. It just so happens, Kyle comes from a large family, that like mine, has tremendously deep core values. So Pro Precision Painting continues its vision and mission.

We’re not the biggest painting company in St. Louis by far. We simply look to be the most significant by Painting the World a Better Place.

That’s where you will find both Heidi and me. Small and local business owners. Loving our family and loving our customers who become family.

Care to join us?