Commercial Painting Customers Top Thoughts

When it comes to hiring a professional painter for commercial painting services the top commercial customers know what’s important. They understand the same crew who paints the interior and exterior of their home may/may not be qualified to make the move ‘up’ to their need for commercial painting services.

These are the top 5 insights our commercial painting customers share with us when choosing a commercial painting provider.

I) Commercial painting customers immediately know the value of a ‘Fresh Look’.

If you own a commercial building, you know the value of a fresh coat of paint on the exterior and interior of your establishment. Great colors ad impact. A professionally applied coat of painting services will bring added life to a small business for years to come. Dreary and drab business’s get driven by daily.

II) Commercial painting customers don’t have to ask “Why should I have my place of business professionally re-painted?”

Never underestimate the power of great first impressions. Many experienced retailers know walk-in customers are the people who make or break business’s daily. Most will not enter into a business that doesn’t have a clean, fresh and inviting atmosphere. The right repainting of your business shows customers the people managing a business take care of the small details and therefore care about you as their customer. Placing care for how your building presents itself shows a tremendous level of respect for your patrons. Painting can be the tool that tips the scale in favor of your business, over the competition, when it comes to decide where potential customers shop.

III) Commercial painting customers know WHAT to look for in a commercial painting company. Period.

Commercial painting customers look hard for a painting company that is highly committed to completing projects in a timely manner. For them, time is money. Every day a business remains sidetracked or closed for renovation is a day they are not earning.

A painting company’s reliability and integrity are determining factors when selecting the best painting company. There is a tremendous difference between painting companies hiring professional, qualified workers, covered with liability insurance and workers compensation – to that of – painting companies whom hire traditional day-laborers or sometimes less-than-qualified painters. They avoid the latter and save tremendous money, headaches, and poor workmanship.

IV) Commercial painting customers know it’s NOT always about looks.

Fresh coats of paint tend to look great. Yet, when it comes to some high-traffic areas such as those open to the public, protecting a building from the natural elements and daily wear is key. Detailed preparation including proper power-washing, the sealing of cracks and uneven surfaces with proper priming are important steps ensuring life-long results. They want to ensure no further work will be needed for a good long time.

V) Commercial painting customers understand the need to impact ‘Resell Value’.

Some business’s are in need of relocating to other areas. Some owners may need to sell their building or rent it to another business. During this process it becomes important to make their building as presentable and spotless. Long-term stains, cracks with aging paint have no appeal to new tenants. Especially new tenants who need to hit the deck running needing to use the premises quickly for business. The resell value of your building, as well as the rental price you achieve are greatly influenced by the look of the interior, exterior, and more. A bad impression can easily inflate or deflate your resell value considerably.

Take it from us, we listen closely to our commercial painting customers at Pro Precision Painting. We enjoy bringing you the insights from our top commercial customers.