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Commercial Painting Customers Top Thoughts

When it comes to hiring a professional painter for commercial painting services the top commercial customers know what’s important. They understand the same crew who paints the interior and exterior of their home may/may not be qualified to make the move ‘up’ to their need for commercial painting services. These are the top 5 insights […]

We Are Hiring!

We are in need of sub contractors for residential house painting. We are Hiring! Our business has expanded, we are looking for responsible, careful and experienced painting contractors to help care for our loyal customers as we grow. We are looking for responsible contractors who can provide: 1) Workman’s compensation for their employees 2) Proof […]

Deck Refinishing #101

As a professional painter we know many people this time of year want to have their decks power washed, stained or sealed. We thought we’d share a blog posting direct from our trusted partner, Sherwin Williams. Enjoy. Planning to stain or paint a deck is easy when you follow these simple steps. Help protect or […]

Garage Floor Epoxy: To Epoxy Or Not Epoxy?

Somewhere a home owner is thinking: “Exterior Painting done – check. Interior painting done – check. So next on my list, hmmm, well let’s see I remember the garage floor looks like it needs a little TLC. Wonder if I should get a chemical cleanser to clean the oil stains? Then how long should I […]

TOP 10 PAINT FAILS (in pictures)

It’s Friday, Time to have a little laugh. Here now, as judged by Pro Precision Painting are the Top 10 most Epic paint fails. CLICK EACH IMAGE TO ENLARGE THEIR EPICNESS…                                                 […]

A Power Wash Home A Day Helps Keep The Algae Away

As a St. Louis home owner, you’re probably rejoicing that the snow has melted, the birds are singing and daylight saving has come! (OK, daylight savings was a stretch, we admit.) Yet your home has been calling you, can you hear it? It’s saying, “A Power Was A Day Helps Keep The Algae Away“. Though […]

Interior Painting Tips – What the Pros Want You to Know

Looking for interior painting tips? Then step right up. Professional painters are extremely fast, effective, and they’ve mastered their trade to produce high-quality results while making painting look easy. Many painters have varying and different styles. However, professional painters understand and use the best trade secrets. Here are four interior painting tips (trade secrets) we’d […]

Trivia Crack – For St. Louis Painting

It’s all the rage – TRIVIA CRACK. Seriously, how many of you and your friends have Trivia Crack loaded on your phones and play it with at least 1-3 of your close Facebook friends? Why not spin the wheel when it comes to St. Louis Painting and take our short painting quiz to see if […]