Interior Painting Tips – Is that Magic Eraser really helping?

From our ask the expert files comes this little time test question: “Do Magic Erasers really help keep my house clean?

The Magic Eraser is a product made by Proctor & Gamble. The product is made of melamine, no more than amazingly hard plastic created as tiny bubbles. From there the product is cut to some form, usually a rectangular block, and is sold as a household stain remover – specifically a stain “eraser”.

We get it, life is messy. Especially with children who use the walls of our house as artwork or a place to dry and clean their dirty hands.

Unfortunately the Magic Eraser product is really, really fine sandpaper.  Should you use it over and over, you’re going to notice the fine paint finish you once had getting dull, getting lost.

It stinks, yet, the most stubborn scuffs and wall stains can’t be removed with the magic eraser. Continual harsh usage of the product and the paint comes right off your walls. Likewise, should you actually have scratches and not stains, unfortunately your paint’s already gone.

Working with a quality painter can help you determine the style of paint to repair the damage – as well as – set up areas of common use for future cleaning.

We know a thing or two about paint and we know thing or two about life’s little messes. Or shall we say, opportunities?

Be sure and call us @ 314-282-6080 for more information and additional interior painting tips to save your day!

Commercial Painting Customers Top Thoughts

When it comes to hiring a professional painter for commercial painting services the top commercial customers know what’s important. They understand the same crew who paints the interior and exterior of their home may/may not be qualified to make the move ‘up’ to their need for commercial painting services.

These are the top 5 insights our commercial painting customers share with us when choosing a commercial painting provider.

I) Commercial painting customers immediately know the value of a ‘Fresh Look’.

If you own a commercial building, you know the value of a fresh coat of paint on the exterior and interior of your establishment. Great colors ad impact. A professionally applied coat of painting services will bring added life to a small business for years to come. Dreary and drab business’s get driven by daily.

II) Commercial painting customers don’t have to ask “Why should I have my place of business professionally re-painted?”

Never underestimate the power of great first impressions. Many experienced retailers know walk-in customers are the people who make or break business’s daily. Most will not enter into a business that doesn’t have a clean, fresh and inviting atmosphere. The right repainting of your business shows customers the people managing a business take care of the small details and therefore care about you as their customer. Placing care for how your building presents itself shows a tremendous level of respect for your patrons. Painting can be the tool that tips the scale in favor of your business, over the competition, when it comes to decide where potential customers shop.

III) Commercial painting customers know WHAT to look for in a commercial painting company. Period.

Commercial painting customers look hard for a painting company that is highly committed to completing projects in a timely manner. For them, time is money. Every day a business remains sidetracked or closed for renovation is a day they are not earning.

A painting company’s reliability and integrity are determining factors when selecting the best painting company. There is a tremendous difference between painting companies hiring professional, qualified workers, covered with liability insurance and workers compensation – to that of – painting companies whom hire traditional day-laborers or sometimes less-than-qualified painters. They avoid the latter and save tremendous money, headaches, and poor workmanship.

IV) Commercial painting customers know it’s NOT always about looks.

Fresh coats of paint tend to look great. Yet, when it comes to some high-traffic areas such as those open to the public, protecting a building from the natural elements and daily wear is key. Detailed preparation including proper power-washing, the sealing of cracks and uneven surfaces with proper priming are important steps ensuring life-long results. They want to ensure no further work will be needed for a good long time.

V) Commercial painting customers understand the need to impact ‘Resell Value’.

Some business’s are in need of relocating to other areas. Some owners may need to sell their building or rent it to another business. During this process it becomes important to make their building as presentable and spotless. Long-term stains, cracks with aging paint have no appeal to new tenants. Especially new tenants who need to hit the deck running needing to use the premises quickly for business. The resell value of your building, as well as the rental price you achieve are greatly influenced by the look of the interior, exterior, and more. A bad impression can easily inflate or deflate your resell value considerably.

Take it from us, we listen closely to our commercial painting customers at Pro Precision Painting. We enjoy bringing you the insights from our top commercial customers.

garage floor epoxy

Garage Floor Epoxy: To Epoxy Or Not Epoxy?

Somewhere a home owner is thinking:

“Exterior Painting done – check. Interior painting done – check. So next on my list, hmmm, well let’s see I remember the garage floor looks like it needs a little TLC. Wonder if I should get a chemical cleanser to clean the oil stains? Then how long should I let that dry before I consider getting a clear coat sealer? Better yet, who do I get the stuff I need to do it from? Home Depot? Lowes or my local hardware store? Awe man, forget it. This is just too much.”

As a professional painter we can tell you that this is 90% of what we hear from great home owners who care about their home. They want to take care of their garage, but it’s a job just a little past their expertise. They want garage floor epoxy or paint, yet the balance between it being a DIY project and the floor turning out like they want is a fine line.


Let us help clear something up.  Epoxy garage floor coatings and standard floor paint are not the same.  The typical paint for garage floor application is a latex acrylic product.  While it’s true some floor paints have a small portion of epoxy added to make them more durable then regular paint, in the end, it’s still paint.

Garage floor epoxy is an actual thermosetting resin applied as a true floor coating.  It is a two-part combination made when mixing one part epoxide resin with a one-part polyamine hardener (catalyst).  The catalyst is what gives epoxy its strength, durability and variety of finishes.

Paints dry while garage floor epoxy actually cures.  The chemical reaction from the combination of resin and catalyst is an exothermic curing process.  This polymer structure gives epoxy its superior strength and durability and finish.  The end product is a coating much thicker than floor paint and is actually bonded to a properly prepared concrete surface.


What’s the benefit to garage floor epoxy? True, it REALLY looks nice and the hardened thick application you receive from epoxy sets up a coating that is very durable.  But then what?

FIRST – Garage floor epoxy is resilient to sudden impacts, chipping, chemicals, stains, and even surface abrasion.  There is not much to be worried about when damaging your floor if you drop a tool or a yard equipment falls over on it.

SECOND – A well applied garage floor epoxy system does a masterful job of covering things such as small spider cracks and flaws in the concrete. Maybe even some foolish stuff from previous home owners (ahem, ahem).

THIRD – Garage floor epoxy is a topical sealer, completely non-porous leading it to be ideal for anti-dusting.  Most dust is created from the actual powder that a cement floor sheds.  Regular floor traffic on untreated concrete floors kicks up this powder. It has the tendency to collecting on cars, tool benches, and storage items.

FOURTH – Garage floor epoxy applied as a topical coating is a highly functional moisture resistant compound.  Regardless your environment in the north, south east or west there is great benefit to people in all climates.  As an example: garage floor epoxy makes for ideal and simple cleaning of the icy brines from most road salts that continually collect on your floor during winter. Just wash, rinse and repeat.


Past the benefits of resilience, covering flaws, eliminating dust and being moisture resistant there are a few additional things to consider with garage floor epoxy.

Most garage floors become decorative at some point. Whether you added colored acrylic flakes to the floor or a type of topcoat was used, some garage floor epoxy surfaces can be slippery when wet.  Should you live in a drier climate where moisture is scarce, this won’t be an issue.  Yet, should you want some extra ‘grip’ the addition of simple slip resistant aggregate to a final coating will provide a non-skid surface to your floor.


As usual, the most inexpensive method to receiving a quality coating is to apply the garage floor epoxy yourself as a DIY project.  Even for the most ardent DIY’er as professionals we’ll go on record as saying, “It ‘might be hard even with the proper tools”.  You can purchase a quality-grade single coat 100% solids epoxy kit that will cover a standard 2-car garage.  A typical purchase price is for just less than $300.

REMEMBER: This doesn’t include any expense for your garage floor preparation (100% removal of oils, contaminants, etc.) or additional tools necessary.  You should expect to pay approximately $200 more if you want to add a quality clear top coat.

Professional installation usually starts around the $4.00 a square foot installed.  Typical work includes a minimum of 3 coats and your costs rise depending on various top coats involved, how much color flakes and aggregate are applied in the base coat and top coats.  Standard 2-car garages are approximately 400 square feet so build your costs from there.

Past your expense is the issue of time. Due to curing time necessary between epoxy floor coatings times to complete a project where you can park your car on your floor range 4 to 5 days.  On the market today and available to professional installers are newer polyaspartic and polyurea garage floor epoxy systems. These fast curing systems are applied in one full day and can be driven on the next.  Professional installation of these garage floor epoxy systems start just north of $6.00 a square foot.  In all seriousness, due to their incredibly fast cure rate, we appeal to the average DIY’er NOT attempt this type of installation.

So there you have it. When you review your own garage floor remember there are different garage floor epoxy and paint solutions available. The best garage floor is going to be an epoxy based system with a 100% solids multi-coat system.  Yes, it is more expensive than the standard option of floor paint for a floor covering. By far it’s hands-down the most economical of floor installations compared over the duration and livelihood of the actual floor.


power wash home

A Power Wash Home A Day Helps Keep The Algae Away

As a St. Louis home owner, you’re probably rejoicing that the snow has melted, the birds are singing and daylight saving has come! (OK, daylight savings was a stretch, we admit.)

Yet your home has been calling you, can you hear it? It’s saying, “A Power Was A Day Helps Keep The Algae Away“.

Miss_R_dam_27Though you may not see it now, trust us, with St. Louis being in a densely covered river delta, the amount of trees we have – like it or not – algae has survived this winter and is looking to team up with future friends this spring as all plant life looks to bloom and pollinate to it’s utmost potential.

As a home owner it’s our hunch you’re wondering how any algae could possibly survive on plastic, or today’s high grade vinyl siding. Algae feeds and survives on sugars, dust, dirt, or other air born things that fly and attach to your siding. Trees in our river delta, be it evergreen or deciduous, broadcast ultra-fine aerosols of sugars multiple times per year (not just spring alone). Simply park your car under trees at The Muny, The St. Louis Zoo or more, and you’ll be hostage to thousands of tiny droplets of sap or sugar on your prized auto. This is the tempting food for St. Louis algae! Regardless what your siding salesman or home builder told you – this stuff WILL stick to vinyl or plastic siding.

When the subject turns to wood siding, algae is more than likely feasting on the very stains and sealers you, or companies you’ve hired, used to preserve your wood. A good number of today’s clear and semi-transparent wood sealers and stains are developed with alkyd and oil resins. It’s not advertised, but these natural oils are delicious food for algae. Shocking we know!  There are sealers and stains which do contain appropriate chemicals designed to prevent algae growth, however these chemicals also breakdown when exposed to UV rays and consistent exposure to rainwater.

HERE IS WHERE WE WANT TO BE YOUR BEST FRIEND. We know that many of you have spent good money on, and in fact, may (did we say MAY?) love your pressure washer because it’s a very cool tool. As guys who work with power tools every day, it would be safe to say, ‘We get it”. Yet a power washer can wreak destruction with homes if used improperly.

Water that is accidentally sprayed behind vinyl siding, joints and corners will cause wood rot if your home is missing a proper weather barrier. In St. Louis we see it all the time, this simple requirement has been lacking from the building code for many years. Some builders today ignore it to cut corners. Do you know if your home has a weather barrier under the siding? So much siding is nailed directly to wood sheathing and installed insufficiently.

As for wood, the water that’s projected from the tips of power washers can be blasted into cracks where you don’t want water to actually go. If you’re not careful the high-powered water stream can diminish the treated wood of your wood siding making some appear older looking than it really is.

A periodic cleaning to prevent algae buildup is almost a mandate living in St. Louis. Our ability to power wash your home each year has advantages to prevent future algae growth and your homes protection long-term. A professional power washing of your home helps remove the sugars from the siding before algae can have a feast at your expense.

Jeff Foxworthy paint the exterior of your hosue

IF (Fill in the BLANK) It Might Be Time to Paint the Exterior of Your House

In the spirit of Jeff Foxworthy’s “You might be a Redneck” we bring you the Top 5 Reasons you might need to paint the exterior of your house this Spring.


Algae and mold are a common problem in the Midwest. With the natural pollens and overstimulated tree growth in our marketplace algae and mold have a great time growing in the Missouri river delta of St. Louis. As a homeowner algae and mold can lead to the natural breakdown of painted surfaces. Pro Precision Painting can clean those surfaces, prepare them and apply new painting products with built in protective measures to protect against breakdown.


One of the tell tale signs that your homes exterior needs to be repainted is the paint is beginning to peel or crack. This is an open invitation for moisture to penetrate your wood framing and foundation, which, down the road can be a costly repair. Have someone inspect it soon.


As a professional painting company we have a little saying, ” Straws, Sticks or Bricks”. That is, many homes come built in a wide-array of building materials. When it comes to your specific home what is made of will affect how often you may need to paint it. It is reasonable to expect painting your home every 7-15 years if you home is made from some type of shingles, cement fiberboard, cedar and or other wood.


Take a look around. Notice the trim on your house, around your windows and doors. They may need to be painted more often than the rest of the house. These areas get the most wear and tear and should be touched up every few years.


Life gets busy. Things we want to do get replaced by other things. Hiring a professional painter to paint the exterior of your home may just be the solution for you to move onto other projects – and to help you – from keeping your spouse telling you you’ve already told them you’re going to paint your house, for the umpteenth time.

There are consequences for NOT painting the exterior of your house appropriately:

Exposed materials will definitely rot

Severely damaged materials must be replaced, caulked and painted when they fail. Additionally, rotting materials may compromise the structural integrity of your home! To test for rot, use a screwdriver to see if any materials break apart easily.

You give algae and mold a reason to grow and proliferate

Removing mass quantities of algae and mold requires additional cleaning supplies and intense work. For example some products require a bleach additive to kill the spores. In those cases, spraying with a garden hose does not work! As a homeowner look behind vines or ivy that may have grown on the side of your house. These create an ideal environment that can cause algae and mold.

If you’re interested in a no-risk inspection of your property with a proactive plan to restore your home please contact us today.

interior painting tips

Interior Painting Tips – What the Pros Want You to Know

Looking for interior painting tips? Then step right up. Professional painters are extremely fast, effective, and they’ve mastered their trade to produce high-quality results while making painting look easy. Many painters have varying and different styles. However, professional painters understand and use the best trade secrets. Here are four interior painting tips (trade secrets) we’d enjoy sharing to help you with your next interior painting project.



  1. INTERIOR PAINTING TIPS #1 – SAMPLE YOUR COLOR SELECTION – As a professional painter we have relationships with the top paint providers (Sherwin Williams, Porter Paints) and as a result have access to getting you color samples of the paint color you’re considering. Whether you use our sources, or decide to provide paint from another source (Home Depot, Lowes), be sure to paint a quality swatch of the colors your considering in the exact room/s you’re going to have painted. View them in the morning, mid-day and at nightfall with the lighting of you home. Putting up samples of your colors so you as a customer knows exactly what colors are going to work for you is paramount.
  2. INTERIOR PAINTING TIPS #2 – RELOCATE? – Will you be changing picture, decoration locations or adding crown molding or different trim? You’ll need to know what nails to pull, what nail holes to patch, and what nail holes to leave. Additionally do you want your cold air returns to be painted the wall color so they blend in, or stand out? When you’re considering an interior painting project take the time to consider the relocation of pictures, decorations and trim. It’s not just the color that changes.
  3. INTERIOR PAINTING TIPS #3 – FINISH – What sheen works best for your family? Do you have a good number of children/grand children? If you don’t have a lot of children or grand children a flat is the best looking finish for you. Yet, if you’re going to have a lot of hands-on walls, balls and toys than you will want to have some sheen. REMEMBER: The more the sheen – the easier the clean.
  4. INTERIOR PAINTING TIPS #4 – TIMING – In the painting world it’s a mystery. Winter months are always slow, especially December through February. Yet, for the consumer, this is the BEST TIME to achieve an interior painting project. Simply put, as a natural slow down in the industry occurs annually for professional painters, the quality teams have more quality time to dedicate to your project. When spring hits, and they all get busy, you might get lesser a service, naturally. As well with the kids in school and before your life gets busy with the activities of summer, take advantage of the situation and paint your home.  Finally, with most paint products having low-to-no VOC‘s these days you don’t have to worry about airing out the house!

So there you have it. Interior painting tips with a professional painter.  Apply these four simple tips will more than likely increase the odds of you experiencing and phenomenal painting experience!

Be sure and call our painting hotline @ 314-925-7521 for more information and additional interior painting tips today!


Trivia Crack – For St. Louis Painting

Trivia Crack St. Louis PaintingIt’s all the rage – TRIVIA CRACK. Seriously, how many of you and your friends have Trivia Crack loaded on your phones and play it with at least 1-3 of your close Facebook friends?

Why not spin the wheel when it comes to St. Louis Painting and take our short painting quiz to see if you qualify for an additional 5% to our 15% offer on interior painting this month?

The person submitting this trivia form with the most accurate answers will gain a 20% discount off all interior painting scheduled between February 19th and August 15th, 2015. St. Louis Painting trivia answers must be submitted no later than the close of business, 5:00 PM February 20th.

Good luck to everyone entering the St. Louis Painting Trivia Challenge!

St. Louis Painting Trivia Crack Challenge

Tune in Friday February 20th and see who has won the St. Louis Painting Trivia Crack challenge! We’ll post the top 5 high scores and share the fun!

real estate appraisal

Real Estate Appraisal – Honesty is the Best Policy

Missouri state certified residential appraiser

Trisha Munger is a Missouri state certified residential appraiser.

Today Missouri state certified residential appraiser Trisha Munger takes a moment to share with Pro Precision Painting the effects interior painting done by a professional painter could bear on a home owners real estate appraisal.

Kurt Ramspott: Trisha, thanks for taking time from your schedule giving thoughts on the impact a professional painter makes with a home owners real state appraisal. Highlight a little of your background.

Trisha Munger:  Sure thing. I’d like to start by sharing that I’m not only a real estate appraiser but a female real estate appraiser. As such, I recognize it’s ultimately the women who are typically the decision makers for interior decor, especially painting. My background in real estate has a touch of personal history. My father and mother we’re in real estate since I was a very little girl and I’ve been professionally involved for 20+ years.

Kurt: That’s great. If I can, I’d like to know as a real estate appraiser, when you walk in a home and begin your assessment how does the lack of/or use of a professional painter have on an appraisal?

Trisha: To be perfectly honest, right off the bat, the lack of or the actual use of a professional painter DOES NOT greatly affect market value of a home or my report. However it is really more of a PLUS for selling purposes.

Kurt: Really? Explain a little more.

Trisha: Personally, I feel as if painting is the number one easiest way to add value to your largest investment. Doing it yourself is like if you used Picasso to fix your own car. Unless you are a talented professional painter it’s obvious to someone in my line of work that it was done by the owners. HERE’S THE DEAL: If I can notice it at my level seeing so many homes a day – a picky and particular potential buyer will even more so.

Kurt: I’d be willing to wager between being a professional appraiser and a concerned woman in general reviewing homes is like walking a balance beam. Right?

Trisha: It can be. As an appraiser I view homes with an open mind and no personal opinion. But as a woman I’m here to tell you it matters a great deal how a house presents itself and a professional paint job is simply the smartest way to present a neat clean environment which is appealing to buyers and those viewing your home.

Kurt: What’s an imperative thought for home owners facing a real state appraisal and potential sale of their home?

Trisha: Honesty is always the best policy. Continuity, nice clean lines, and the cleanliness of quality painting job are important. I can easily spot a professional job vs a non professional based on the quality of the job. Like a piece of fruit reflects a quality farmer and grocer a good or bad painting project reflects whether professional painting has or hasn’t been done. Your work will naturally show up in my written report and in my photographs. Ask yourself, “Am I putting my best foot forward?”

Kurt: That’s powerful. Any last thoughts?

Trisha: I can’t stress being honest enough. In this market place I encourage people to save money wherever they can. However, when it comes to homes escalating in value I more than often encourage homeowners to seek professional painting services. I especially make these suggestions with home owners have two story homes, great rooms, vaulted ceiling and issues of that nature. Take the time to hire a professional. Doing it yourself and trying to pull it off otherwise can be sensed a mile away from savvy home buyers.

Kurt: Thank you so very much Trisha! We appreciate your contribution to the subject of real estate appraisal and how a professional painter may impact the situation for a home owner.

Trisha: Absolutely. Call on me anytime. Good luck with your work!

If you’re interested in an interior painting project all interior painting projects are 15% off IF BOOKED before March 1st, 2015.



interior painting

Interior Painting – Do it now or wait till Spring?


Kyle McClaskey, owner of Pro Precision Painting takes a few minutes from an interior painting project to share 4 key reasons why home owners should select a professional painter now. He shares the benefits to interior painting done today, as opposed to waiting for Spring to arrive.

From Kyle:

My team is hard at work this week. While they have another project well under way, I wanted to share some information that may benefit you as a home owner. After painting a number of homes in St. Louis I’ve learned value to doing interior painting work during winter months and before the Spring kicks in.

Here are four things I’d enjoy sharing with you:

1. Now’s the time to have interior painting done before the spring rush comes and we’re focused on exterior projects.

Like you, life for me can get very busy. Sometimes my schedule goes the way I’d like and sometimes it doesn’t. As a small business owner I can tell you a good number of home owners often let interior painting decisions go a little too far into spring. When this happens, as our company is flooded with exterior projects, sometimes you get raw or bad deal. Here’s the effect:

  • The top quality painters in St. Louis get booked first and often – so – you as a homeowner are left with a lesser choice of quality professionals

2. QUESTION When is it more convenient for your interior painting to be done? Now or in the Spring when everyone has activities and events?

Being around families is our livelihood. From where I sit, I can tell you the most frustrated I’ve seen a home owner is in the Spring when many families are trying to tackle so many projects.

From my side of the equation, I see people at peace during the winter. True, you’re in your house more than normal – and – we are right there with you getting cozy and getting work done. Yet, in the scores of families I’ve worked with I can share the spring rush pulls families apart and a painting project getting tossed in that mix could prove a little more stressful.

  • How can we help lighten the load and make life easier for you right now?

3. Got the Blues? If you’re thinking about interior painting don’t let the cold gray skies keep you from moving forward! Let’s brighten up and warm up those walls with new fresh colors!

This single idea could prove most beneficial. Science shows the winter has an effect on people. In an article written by WEB-MD the issue is a lack of sunlight. Our bodies naturally crave sunlight as a means to get motivated.

Science also shows that we as people crave color! In an article written by Douglas Fields for Psychology Today, he shares: “Color preferences are deeply rooted emotional responses that seem to lack any rational basis, yet the powerful influence of color rules our choices in everything from the food we eat and the clothes we wear to the cars we buy.”

  • So is your homes color ruling you or are you ruling the color of your home? We can help you with that.

4. Don’t forget, with spring coming soon it’s not to early to start thinking about your exterior projects.

As with interior painting projects flooding our work schedule, guess what also clogs the request lines? Yes, you guessed it, exterior painting projects.

The first week of clear weather our phones get busy, quotes and estimates get rolling and calendars get booked solid. We’re so very grateful for the business rush. Just remember, sometimes waiting a little longer than necessary can put you in a bind and getting the best deal for the best price may become a little harder. Michelle McMahan tackled an interior painting project this winter and is a raving fan.

  • Make sure to get the best deal, the best price by the best provider today. Waiting too long may cost you.

I’m hopeful this quick article has been of help. If you’d enjoy communicating with me feel free to email me directly @

Receive a 15% discount on interior painting projects booked by March 1st, 2015 and performed by April 15th, 2015

power wash

Five Timely Benefits of Professional Power Washing

While winter’s not over just yet, many homeowners hearts are turning towards important house projects. Power washing is high on the list of many homeowners right now. As a result of the up-and-down temperatures we are experiencing many people are getting the “itch” to improve the appearance of their home.

A question many homeowners ask themselves, “Should I go ahead and fork out $150-to-$500 for an electric or gas powered power washer at Home Depot and do my own power washing?

On the surface, the question seems simple. As homeowners we take great pride in doing many odd-jobs around our home. Power washing, it seems, is just one of those tasks we as “can-do” people are willing to tackle. A little cleanser, ample water, power, a nice Saturday to get er’ done, and we’re good to go. Right?

Before we suggest you do it yourself or hire a professional, let’s examine Five Timely Benefits of Power Washing:

  1. POWER WASHING IMPROVES CURB APPEAL: A home’s curb appeal is essential. Should you want to sell your home, power washing should come into mind. Power washing your home eliminates stains, mildew and algae that without it makes your home look unappealing.
  2. POWER WASHING INCREASES HOME VALUE: Power washing is proven to be one of the most affordable ways to increase a home’s value. The National Association of Realtors indicates a power washed home increases the sale price by as much as $10,000-$15,000. 
  3. POWER WASHING SAVES TIME: By power washing the necessary surfaces of your home, there’s a compelling savings of time as compared to multiple DIY home cleaning methods. As a homeowner, you can spend considerable time with preparation, application of cleaning solutions, and meticulous scrubbing as compared to power washing.
    POWER WASHING IS PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE: As a homeowner you know the value of regular maintenance of your home. Scheduled power washing of your home is a great way to save money and helps to prevent costly home repairs due to negligence. By way of keeping your home clean it prevents rot, decay and premature aging of your property. Power washing extends the life of siding, driveways, porches and decks.
  4. POWER WASHING SAFEGUARDS YOUR FAMILY: All homes have varying degrees of toxins, contaminations and pollutants. From simple dirt, mold, mildew and algae, many can be can impact your spouse and children’s health. Power washing can assist in the prevention of growth to significant bacterias. Power washing key surfaces can also assist a family in the prevention of injuries caused by slipping or falling.

Power washing’s face value alone is incredible. No matter what angle you approach power washing as a home owner, the pros outweigh the cons.

However, there’s still the question of doing it yourself or hiring a professional. Ask yourself these questions as you determine your next move with power washing:

  • Do I have the time?
  • Do I have the expertise?
  • What pressure should I use for each different surface?
  • Hot or cold water?
  • How environmentally friendly can I be with all these solutions and cleaners?
  • Do I really want to get on a ladder two stories up with old wet squeaky sneakers?

At Pro Precision Painting we’d enjoy being the professionals you choose for power washing today.

If you’re interested in receiving a 25% discount for power washing services booked by February 27th, 2015 to be redeemed by August 30th, 2015 fill out the form on this page. We will promptly provide you a bid for your services.

Areas we power wash: Home Siding (wood or vinyl), Doors, Entry Ways & Windows, Garage Floors, Gutters & Awnings, Decks, Patios & Fences, Parking Areas, Driveways & Sidewalks, Swimming Pools, Signs, Statues & More