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3 Ways Professional Painters Distinguish Themselves

Professional painters have been around the block and know how to ensure quality every time they do a great painting project. For them, this is NOT a new rodeo. After many hours, projects that succeed and fail, professional painters have stood the test of time against some of the toughest projects and come out on top.

So what are some of the ways professional painters set themselves apart from the run of the mill paycheck painters?

How Professional Painters set themselves apart


1) Concentrating on creating lifetime customers and developing raving fans.

You’ve been there as a customer. You need some painting done to the interior or exterior of your home. So, you carefully consider doing it yourself or hiring someone to do it for you. But who do you call? Like a good number of people, you turn to your friends for the best word of mouth.

One small problem, when it comes to painting, some one always knows a friend-of-a-friend who does painting on the side. Maybe its someone down on their luck. But rest assured, you let the word out, you can always find a person willing to dip a brush.

Yet professional painters distinguish themselves from the rest of the crowd by developing the relationship skills needed to keep customers for life and then convert them into raving fans.

Here’s how:

  • Great painting company leaders listen closely. Details are critical.
  • Professional painters offer helpful suggestions when necessary.
  • They communicate well with you, their team, designers and suppliers.
  • The best always make it right. If something’s not up to snuff, they accommodate your needs.
  • Professional painters involve you like you’re part of their family.

2) Staying true to their word.

A professional painter and painting company sets themselves apart from the competition through their ability to keep their word. They’ve learned that keeping your word, a combination of Trust and Integrity, is actually a competitive advantage to their business.

Ways in which they maintain keeping their word:

  • Never sugar coat anything – The temptation to lie in the home remodeling and refinishing world is a gigantic hurdle. However, professional painters have learned to tell it like it is. Come what may – do what’s right.
  • Under-promise and over-serve – Just as abrasive as lying is making unkept promises. True, sometimes deadlines are missed, yet, a true professional painter learns to set reasonable objectives and let’s his work do the talking. Never promise what you can’t or don’t know you’ll be able to deliver.
  • Like Niké – They Just Do It – A professional painter does not complain, pitch a fit or grumble about the situation. They keep their word by simply doing what they’ve stated.

3) Delivering great looking work – the moment – it’s finished.

It goes without saying, “The Proof is in the Pudding“.

A professional painter places himself on a higher plateau than his competitors by delivering work, which as soon as it is finished. is stunning. They leave the customer in a state of professional awe.

The way a professional painter can deliver this quality that lasts the test of time is through consistency.

A professional painter:

  • Has the right tools for the job. You can tell (they have paint on them) and deliver stunning results.
  • Dedicates just as much, if not more, time to preparation than application.
  • Goes to great lengths to protect your property. When they are done, while the paint looks great, you would not know they were there otherwise.

Find a professional painter that can deliver these three professional characteristics and you’re on your way to a great project. A project that satisfies you on more than one level.


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