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Interior Painting Tips – What the Pros Want You to Know

Looking for interior painting tips? Then step right up. Professional painters are extremely fast, effective, and they’ve mastered their trade to produce high-quality results while making painting look easy. Many painters have varying and different styles. However, professional painters understand and use the best trade secrets. Here are four interior painting tips (trade secrets) we’d enjoy sharing to help you with your next interior painting project.



  1. INTERIOR PAINTING TIPS #1 – SAMPLE YOUR COLOR SELECTION – As a professional painter we have relationships with the top paint providers (Sherwin Williams, Porter Paints) and as a result have access to getting you color samples of the paint color you’re considering. Whether you use our sources, or decide to provide paint from another source (Home Depot, Lowes), be sure to paint a quality swatch of the colors your considering in the exact room/s you’re going to have painted. View them in the morning, mid-day and at nightfall with the lighting of you home. Putting up samples of your colors so you as a customer knows exactly what colors are going to work for you is paramount.
  2. INTERIOR PAINTING TIPS #2 – RELOCATE? – Will you be changing picture, decoration locations or adding crown molding or different trim? You’ll need to know what nails to pull, what nail holes to patch, and what nail holes to leave. Additionally do you want your cold air returns to be painted the wall color so they blend in, or stand out? When you’re considering an interior painting project take the time to consider the relocation of pictures, decorations and trim. It’s not just the color that changes.
  3. INTERIOR PAINTING TIPS #3 – FINISH – What sheen works best for your family? Do you have a good number of children/grand children? If you don’t have a lot of children or grand children a flat is the best looking finish for you. Yet, if you’re going to have a lot of hands-on walls, balls and toys than you will want to have some sheen. REMEMBER: The more the sheen – the easier the clean.
  4. INTERIOR PAINTING TIPS #4 – TIMING – In the painting world it’s a mystery. Winter months are always slow, especially December through February. Yet, for the consumer, this is the BEST TIME to achieve an interior painting project. Simply put, as a natural slow down in the industry occurs annually for professional painters, the quality teams have more quality time to dedicate to your project. When spring hits, and they all get busy, you might get lesser a service, naturally. As well with the kids in school and before your life gets busy with the activities of summer, take advantage of the situation and paint your home.  Finally, with most paint products having low-to-no VOC‘s these days you don’t have to worry about airing out the house!

So there you have it. Interior painting tips with a professional painter.  Apply these four simple tips will more than likely increase the odds of you experiencing and phenomenal painting experience!

Be sure and call our painting hotline @ 314-925-7521 for more information and additional interior painting tips today!

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