Trivia Crack – For St. Louis Painting

Trivia Crack St. Louis PaintingIt’s all the rage – TRIVIA CRACK. Seriously, how many of you and your friends have Trivia Crack loaded on your phones and play it with at least 1-3 of your close Facebook friends?

Why not spin the wheel when it comes to St. Louis Painting and take our short painting quiz to see if you qualify for an additional 5% to our 15% offer on interior painting this month?

The person submitting this trivia form with the most accurate answers will gain a 20% discount off all interior painting scheduled between February 19th and August 15th, 2015. St. Louis Painting trivia answers must be submitted no later than the close of business, 5:00 PM February 20th.

Good luck to everyone entering the St. Louis Painting Trivia Challenge!

St. Louis Painting Trivia Crack Challenge

Tune in Friday February 20th and see who has won the St. Louis Painting Trivia Crack challenge! We’ll post the top 5 high scores and share the fun!

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