Interior Painting Tips – Is that Magic Eraser really helping?

From our ask the expert files comes this little time test question: “Do Magic Erasers really help keep my house clean?

The Magic Eraser is a product made by Proctor & Gamble. The product is made of melamine, no more than amazingly hard plastic created as tiny bubbles. From there the product is cut to some form, usually a rectangular block, and is sold as a household stain remover – specifically a stain “eraser”.

We get it, life is messy. Especially with children who use the walls of our house as artwork or a place to dry and clean their dirty hands.

Unfortunately the Magic Eraser product is really, really fine sandpaper.  Should you use it over and over, you’re going to notice the fine paint finish you once had getting dull, getting lost.

It stinks, yet, the most stubborn scuffs and wall stains can’t be removed with the magic eraser. Continual harsh usage of the product and the paint comes right off your walls. Likewise, should you actually have scratches and not stains, unfortunately your paint’s already gone.

Working with a quality painter can help you determine the style of paint to repair the damage – as well as – set up areas of common use for future cleaning.

We know a thing or two about paint and we know thing or two about life’s little messes. Or shall we say, opportunities?

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