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Real Estate Appraisal – Honesty is the Best Policy

Missouri state certified residential appraiser

Trisha Munger is a Missouri state certified residential appraiser.

Today Missouri state certified residential appraiser Trisha Munger takes a moment to share with Pro Precision Painting the effects interior painting done by a professional painter could bear on a home owners real estate appraisal.

Kurt Ramspott: Trisha, thanks for taking time from your schedule giving thoughts on the impact a professional painter makes with a home owners real state appraisal. Highlight a little of your background.

Trisha Munger:  Sure thing. I’d like to start by sharing that I’m not only a real estate appraiser but a female real estate appraiser. As such, I recognize it’s ultimately the women who are typically the decision makers for interior decor, especially painting. My background in real estate has a touch of personal history. My father and mother we’re in real estate since I was a very little girl and I’ve been professionally involved for 20+ years.

Kurt: That’s great. If I can, I’d like to know as a real estate appraiser, when you walk in a home and begin your assessment how does the lack of/or use of a professional painter have on an appraisal?

Trisha: To be perfectly honest, right off the bat, the lack of or the actual use of a professional painter DOES NOT greatly affect market value of a home or my report. However it is really more of a PLUS for selling purposes.

Kurt: Really? Explain a little more.

Trisha: Personally, I feel as if painting is the number one easiest way to add value to your largest investment. Doing it yourself is like if you used Picasso to fix your own car. Unless you are a talented professional painter it’s obvious to someone in my line of work that it was done by the owners. HERE’S THE DEAL: If I can notice it at my level seeing so many homes a day – a picky and particular potential buyer will even more so.

Kurt: I’d be willing to wager between being a professional appraiser and a concerned woman in general reviewing homes is like walking a balance beam. Right?

Trisha: It can be. As an appraiser I view homes with an open mind and no personal opinion. But as a woman I’m here to tell you it matters a great deal how a house presents itself and a professional paint job is simply the smartest way to present a neat clean environment which is appealing to buyers and those viewing your home.

Kurt: What’s an imperative thought for home owners facing a real state appraisal and potential sale of their home?

Trisha: Honesty is always the best policy. Continuity, nice clean lines, and the cleanliness of quality painting job are important. I can easily spot a professional job vs a non professional based on the quality of the job. Like a piece of fruit reflects a quality farmer and grocer a good or bad painting project reflects whether professional painting has or hasn’t been done. Your work will naturally show up in my written report and in my photographs. Ask yourself, “Am I putting my best foot forward?”

Kurt: That’s powerful. Any last thoughts?

Trisha: I can’t stress being honest enough. In this market place I encourage people to save money wherever they can. However, when it comes to homes escalating in value I more than often encourage homeowners to seek professional painting services. I especially make these suggestions with home owners have two story homes, great rooms, vaulted ceiling and issues of that nature. Take the time to hire a professional. Doing it yourself and trying to pull it off otherwise can be sensed a mile away from savvy home buyers.

Kurt: Thank you so very much Trisha! We appreciate your contribution to the subject of real estate appraisal and how a professional painter may impact the situation for a home owner.

Trisha: Absolutely. Call on me anytime. Good luck with your work!

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